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Cottages Asmera

from 145.00 USD / night
Sunshine Hotel
Asmera, Eritrea
Garden Terrasse Non-Smoking Rooms
from 80.00 USD / night
Crystal Hotel
Asmera, Eritrea
Garden Terrasse
from 68.00 USD / night

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Editor's Choice

Pure Luxury

Luxury accomodation“Call me spoiled - but I love to be treated like a queen when traveling. Only the best is good enough for me. Hotels that make my vacation a dream of luxury and seduction are my choices. Pay attention to the (violet Medal) for luxury accommodation.”

Tatjana Herzegova, Kiew, Ukraine

Editor's Choice

Sustainable Travel

“There is only one earth and we should go out and see it. I like hotels, which look for sustainability. It is not only protecting the ecology, but also taking care for the local business and culture. I recommend the medal for eco accomodation. Let’s protect our earth. Sustainable travel is travelling with responsibility.”

Markus Lenk, Düsseldorf, Germany

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