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Visitello will not tell you what accommodation you have to book or where. Our Mission is to help you to choose. Select quality with our editor’s choice and book directly and without additional fees with the host.

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Thumb up for hotel reviews. Visitello is collecting them from different sources to give a fair impression. Just: All Travelers are different. A big bunch of positive reviews from backpackers for a wonderful hostel does not give a qualified hint to the businessman. And: Put your hand on your heart and tell that you really like to read tons of reviews. There are better ways.

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Visitello shows trusted offers of Hotels, Holiday homes and many differnt classes of accomodation. They are moderated by our editor’s choice team. Years of experience help to preselect the accommodation according traveler personal requests. Let us assist you to sort the offers. Be secure in your decision. Select your accomodation with our editor's choice.

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Editor's Choice

Pure Luxury

Luxury accomodation“Call me spoiled - but I love to be treated like a queen when traveling. Only the best is good enough for me. Hotels that make my vacation a dream of luxury and seduction are my choices. Pay attention to the (violet Medal) for luxury accommodation.”

Tatjana Herzegova, Kiew, Ukraine

Editor's Choice

Sustainable Travel

“There is only one earth and we should go out and see it. I like hotels, which look for sustainability. It is not only protecting the ecology, but also taking care for the local business and culture. I recommend the medal for eco accomodation. Let’s protect our earth. Sustainable travel is travelling with responsibility.”

Markus Lenk, Düsseldorf, Germany